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"The provision is good Children are happy and confident to leave parents and carers when they arrive. They are greeted by friendly staff, who know them well, including children who have recently started. Children form close bonds with their key persons and other staff. They are excited to see staff and to play with the toys and resources offered. They freely choose what they want to play with until all their friends arrive. They then sit, sing together and welcome everyone at circle time. This supports children's sense of belonging. The learning environment is carefully planned to promote children's curiosity and to build on their individual interests. Children's experiences and understanding of the world are extended through stories and activities to embed their learning. For example, children enjoy books to accompany their topic of 'people who help us'. In addition, they benefit from new experiences and were delighted with the recent, exciting visit from the fire brigade. Children learn to be independent from an early age. They learn in stages how to put on their coats and shoes for play outdoors. Children's behaviour is good. They develop an understanding of what behaviour is expected of them and how to follow instructions. Children show a positive attitude to trying new experiences."

A short extraction from Ofsted Report Inspection date: 27 March 2023

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