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Before your child starts...


You will have received confirmation of your child's hours and fees.  You will have been asked to complete an payment policy form and asked to complete an  “All about me” form.  This form will be passed to your child's key worker and will help them to settle your child and ensure home from home care, terms and routines are followed.  


Settling your child. 


• Arrange to visit the preschool before your child starts attending to make the place and people feel familiar. This visit should be close to the child’s start date; before the summer holidays is a long time in the life of a three-four year old. Contact the manager, the pre-school supervisor to arrange a visit. 


• Do share a book with your child about going to nursery and reassure them that they will be collected and who by. 


• Avoid starting at a time when there has been a disruption of routine at home. 


• Talk to your child cheerfully and positively about the good things that will happen at pre-school. 

• Be prepared to stay with your child in the group until he or she is ready to be left alone. All children are different and this might take anything from a few minutes to a few weeks. 

• Don’t worry. Children develop very quickly at this age, and a child who may seem unable to manage alone for a second can have a very different attitude in a week or two.

What to Wear and What to Bring


• If your child wears nappies, please ensure their bag holds a plentiful supply of nappies, wipes and nappy sacks to dispose dirty nappies in.


• Children who use a dummy can have it at preschool but please provide a dummy lid or case for it, for hygiene reasons.

• Old clothes are best for playing in. Aprons are supplied for more messy activities.

• Bring a full change of spare clothes (including underwear and socks) in case of accidents. Leave them at pre-school in a bag.

• Please bring slippers, pumps or soft trainers for your child to change into on arrival as hard outdoor shoes are not worn inside.

• Wellies and / or shoes suitable for outdoor play are required.

• During the autumn and winter please provide a warm, waterproof coat for outside play.

• During the summer a hat is a must and please apply sun lotion if sunny weather is forecast.

• We go out in ALL weathers so please ensure your child has appropriate clothes.


Items do get mislaid so ensure that all your child’s clothing or footwear is named.

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